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The Peter Pan Kindergarten with English and French languages was founded in September 2003. It is opened at 7.00 – 18.00. Our children are sorrounded by English every day, and they have French classes twice a week as well. From September 2014, they will also participate in conversations with native speakers two times a week.

The Peter Pan Kindergarten provides children with an opportunity to have a great English learning adventure! They learn English through action games, songs, stories, rhymes and various natural real-life situations. Thanks to the classes with native speakers, children will acquire both the melody and the accent of English language effortlessly.

Though we have spent many years on improving our own teaching methods, we also use Pearson English Teaching Programme  by Ewa Lewandowska and Barbara Maciszewska.

We believe that learning foreign languages helps children with doing better at school. Since 2010, most non-public schools offer second foreign language even in 3rd and 4th grades. Therefore, our kindergarten enables children to learn two foreign languages in early stages of life, complying with modern school standards.

Small children are able to acquire linguistic skills and learn two or three languages at the same time in a natural way, provided there are given plenty of stimulation. Let’s give our children the chance to know not only English!

Thanks to foreign languages in Peter Pan Kindergarten, we have been fortunate to teach not only Polish children but also the children from other countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Japan, Portugal, Denmark, Vietnam and Italy.

For nearly 11 years all participants in Peter Pan Kindegarten life have created, and still do create, a wonderful atmosphere of tolerance, friendship and understanding, contributing to a great success of our kindergarten.


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